Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Vanilla Boutique

In 2010 I started a business and named it "The Vanilla Bakery and Boutique".  Now, in 2014 my business is still growing but affectionately named "The Vanilla Boutique".  I handmade polymer clay charms, hair bows, bracelets, and everything in between.  My passion is also in event coordinating.  I looove throwing and decorating for parties, and spend way too much of my time on pinterest :)  I am very excited to see where business takes me in 2014, as this is something I am very passionate about and hope to continue doing for a long, long time!  I am also in the works of blogging more, as well as writing a book.  I am so extremely excited for this year, and hope I am able to encourage many people along the way!