Thursday, April 18, 2013

Break Away...

In life, you will make mistakes.  You will regret saying something, and even regret NOT saying something.  You wish that you could hit the repeat button on life.  You may feel like you would rather be invisible.  You might do something to hurt someone that you care about.  These are things of the devil.  They are all lies that we tell ourselves on a daily basis, that we are not good enough, people think I am weird.  We are all imperfect human beings in this world, who make mistakes, who feel hurt, and have insecurities.  I have struggled being insecure my whole life... Have you ever pretended to talk on the phone just so you could avoid an awkward moment with someone?  I have... and I laugh at myself because its so stupid that I can let insecurities get the best of me and not even say hi to a NORMAL person.... haha!(:  We let little lies slip into our heads, little by little.. and pretty soon we believe them.  It makes us feel terrible on the inside and takes away the joy and happiness, and leaves shyness and insecurity in our eyes, and it makes others notice.  I just want to encourage anyone who struggles with this on a daily basis.  It has affected me in more ways than I can count and it is absolutely ridiculous.  NEVER ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough, because YOU ARE!  Don't be shy, don't be afraid to be awkward.  To tell you the truth, the worst you could do is embarrass yourself a little, but hey it would make for a great story at a reunion!(:  I know I might not live it out on a daily basis, but I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I don't need to care what others think AT ALL!  So what If I am awkward, so what if I might be a little dorky (Yikes!).  I am ME, a daughter of a king who created me perfectly and exactly who he wanted me to be.  I laugh at this because it is kind of hypocritical considering that I am so shy and I still let insecurities get the best of me, but I work on it daily.  Its hard to repair from something that hurt you, but I learn daily to move on.  Don't forget what the wound taught you, just remember that It is the past and this is the future.  Life is short, so live it to the absolute fullest, and do everything you can to represent the Kingdom of God.  Don't let anything bring you down, break through and be awkward, make mistakes, forgive, love, pray, and be yourself.

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